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This is a variation that can be done in some patients who do not have a great excess of neck skin. With this technique, I am able to avoid having any visible scar into the hairline and behind the ear. The lift is more vertical than usual. Recovery is quicker, and there is less bruising and swelling.

THE "Weekend Face Lift"

The name of this procedure is not entirely accurate, since one cannot have surgery on Friday and return to work Monday with no traces! In reality, this is a lesser alternative to the standard face lift, and eliminates the incisions in front of the ears. The procedure is done through small incisions under the chin and behind the ears, and the main effect is to improve the neck. A suspension suture is used as needed to improve the neck. The lower jowls can be improved by a micro-liposuction as part of the procedure, but the cheeks are not lifted. Recovery is much shorter than for a face lift, about 3 to 7 days. This is best for patients with early aging changes, usually 35 to 48 years old.


Some patients are concerned about having a full brow lift. Dr. Morello now offers this "Minimal Incision Lateral Brow Lift" which maintains the eyebrows at the original level, but produces the effect of lifting the lateral part of the brow and dramatically refreshing the eye area. In many people it is only this outer brow and crows feet area that is droopy. This lateral browlift is often done at the same time as eyelid plasty, and we also do it when someone has previously had their eyes done but needs a refinement or refreshing of the appearance of the eyes.

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